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n-dimensional fast Fourier transform for JavaScript

npm install ndfft
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Complex n-dimensional radix-2 FFT codes for JavaScript. Derived from Paul Bourke's C FFT codes. This routine is not particularly optimized, but it should get the job done.


To install:

npm install ndfft

And to use it

var ndfft = require("ndfft");

var re = [[1, 0], [0, 0]];
var im = [[0, 0], [0, 0]];

//Forward transform
ndfft(1, re, im);

//Inverse transform
ndfft(-1, re, im);

require("ndfft")(direction, real, imag)

Executes an n-place n-dimensional Fast Fourier transform.

  • direction: a number set to +/- 1, representing the direction of the fft.
  • real: The real part of the array. Each dimension must be a power of two.
  • imag: The imaginary part of the array. Must have same dimensions as x

The fourier transform is computed in place. No value is returned from this method.


(c) 1993 Paul Bourke. Public domain

JavaScript port by Mikola Lysenko (c) 2013.

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