A boilerplate containing HTML5 boilerplate, bourbon, neat and parts of pure.css

npm install neat-starter-template
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Neat Starter Template

Neat Starter Template is a simple boilerplate contaning a few extra to get you off the ground.

Neat Starter Template contains:

Quick start

Clone the git repo — git clone


  • HTML5 ready. Use the new elements with confidence.
  • Cross-browser compatible (Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox 3.6+, IE6+).
  • Designed with progressive enhancement in mind.
  • Includes Normalize.css for CSS normalizations and common bug fixes.
  • The latest jQuery via CDN, with a local fallback.
  • The latest Modernizr build for feature detection.
  • IE-specific classes for easier cross-browser control.
  • Placeholder CSS Media Queries.
  • Useful CSS helpers.
  • Default print CSS, performance optimized.
  • Protection against any stray console.log causing JavaScript errors in IE6/7.
  • An optimized Google Analytics snippet.
  • Apache server caching, compression, and other configuration defaults for Grade-A performance.
  • Cross-domain Ajax and Flash.
  • "Delete-key friendly." Easy to strip out parts you don't need.
  • Extensive inline and accompanying documentation.

  • Includes Bourbon and Neat

  • Includes the Forms and Tables part of Pure CSS


Take a look at the documentation table of contents. This documentation is bundled with the project, which makes it readily available for offline reading and provides a useful starting point for any documentation you want to write about your project.


  • Add grunt support for compiling, minifying, uglifying, autoprefixing, and concatination

Html5 boilerplate with bourbon, neat and pure forms and tables


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