MooTools Type-Test Utility

npm install neuro-is
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MooTools convenient type-check methods and deep equality comparator.

Version: 0.0.3




Is is an object that contains methods for checking type and equality. The API contains all of the methods found in Type from MooTools-Core, with a few additions. Type is decorated so that a convenient type-check method is also added to Is whenever a new type is created.

Along with the positive checks, we have the opposing negative checks that can be accessed in Is.not.

All type-check methods take only one argument: the object which will be type-checked. Is.Equal is the only method that takes two arguments.


// start a new type.
var Human = function(){};

Is.Human; // returns undefined
Is.not.Human // returns undefined

// create the Human type.
new Type('Human', Human);

Is.Human; // returns function
Is.not.Human; // returns function

var Garrick;
Is.Human(Garrick); // returns false

Garrick = new Human;
Is.Human(Garrick); // returns true


Performs an optimized deep comparison between the two objects, to determine if they should be considered equal.


Is.Equal(object, other);


  1. object - (Mixed) Can be anything. Used to compare with other object. Deep comparisons are done on Object types where each item is compared with the each item in other.
  2. other - (Mixed) Just like object, can be anything.

Returns: Boolean (true/false)


If either object or other contains an isEqual method, that method is passed the opposing object that is being tested. The result will be returned by Equal method and the comparisons stops there.


// Two objects that have the same properties, but are two different Object instances.
var a = {something: 'to', compare: 'to'},
    b = {something: 'to', compare: 'to'};

a == b; // returns false
Is.Equal(a, b); // returns true because the properties are the same

// Change the properties
b = {something: 'else', to: {compare: 'to'}};

a == b; // returns false
Is.Equal(a, b); // returns false

// an isEqual that will be used to test two objects
a.isEqual = function(other){
    // we know they do not equal, but lets just say it does
    return true;

Is.Equal(a, b); // returns true


Type-check for NaN.


Is.NaN('1'); // returns false
Is.NaN('NaN'); // returns false
Is.NaN(NaN); // returns true


Type-check for null.


Is.Null(''); // returns false
Is.Null(undefined); // returns false
Is.Null(null); // returns true


Type-check for undefined.


Is.Undefined(''); // returns false
Is.Undefined(null); // returns false
Is.Undefined(); // returns true
Is.Undefined(undefined); // returns true
Is.Undefined(void 0); // returns true

MooTools-Core Type Methods

The following methods have been implemented from MooTools-Core Type. They take the same arguments as their Type counterparts. They also exist in Is.not.

  • Arguments
  • Array
  • Boolean
  • Class
  • DOMEvent
  • Date
  • Document
  • Element
  • Elements
  • Enumerable
  • Function
  • IFrame
  • Number
  • Object
  • RegExp
  • String
  • TextNode
  • Type
  • WhiteSpace
  • Window
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