nhello FFI Bindings

npm install nhello
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node bindings for nhello using ffi

Currently this package depends on NHELLO >= 0.0.1, if you're on Mac OS X or Windows it tries to detect the location of your NHELLO installation and find nhello under that.


The ffi library can currently only be initialized once per process, so you can't use multiple versions of nhello in the same process.

The library tries to deduce the common location nhello.so, /usr/lib/nhello.so or /Applications/nhello.app/Contents/MacOS/lib/nhello.dylib for instance. If your nhello is named or versioned differently set nhello.LIBRARY_PATHS to the full path (including filename) of your preferred version.

If nhello isn't found after trying all of nhello.LIBRARY_PATHS it attempts to load from your systems normal library loading parameters (i.e. /etc/ld.so/conf)

For a quick example see examples/nhello.js

There are some operations that nhello performs that are synchronous. Currently this library makes no attempt to work around such things, so be sure you know what you're doing.

nhello does have an event interface, but it is not as robust as nodes nor does it necessarily match the node pattern.

There is not much documentation at the moment, use the source luke. For that matter, there's not much documentation around nhello either.


Currently you can attach to the following events

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