NickServ bot for IRC.

npm install nickie
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A nickserv bot for your irc server needs.


var Nickie = require('nickie';
var nickie = new Nickie('');


new Nickie(server, [options])

Options can be

  • nick - Nick of the bot for Nickie. Defaults to NickServ.
  • ops - A hash of nicks that have elevated access.
  • networkServices - A hash of special nicks that are part of the network. By default contains nickserv and chanserv.
  • maxAccounts - Number of maximum accounts that can be associated with an email.
  • minToWait - Number of minutes to force a user to wait before they can register their nick.
  • store - Storage to use to keep track of nicks. Defaults to memory store.

Nickie#userConnected(nick, ip, [callback])

Should be called when a user connects to the server.

Nickie#userDisconnected(nick, ip, [callback])

Should be called when a user disconnects from the server.


npm install nickie


Tests are written with mocha

npm test



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