Nimon the deamon! Deamon to gather server stats, disk useage, load averages, processes, mysql stats, etc, and post frequently to a server monitoring tool!

npm install nimo
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Nimo the Deamon! Nimo is a server monitoring tool. It periodically polls the system and posts stats on server performance to a server monitoring application


Nimo is a node js package. It only requires node to be installed with its package manager npm (which is included by default)

1. install node

For debian follow the instructions here: Otherwise:

Directly from the docs:

apt-get install python g++ make
mkdir ~/nodejs && cd $_
wget -N
tar xzvf node-latest.tar.gz && cd `ls -rd node-v*`
make install

2. On the server you wish to monitor, go to the directory you wish to install nimo then:

git clone git://
cd nimo
npm install

3. Configure nimo for your device.

To setup mysql moitoring you will have to put your mysql username and password details into the config file inside the nimo directory:

nano config/config.js 

4. Run nimo

node nimo & // Note: Todo: this forks as a separate processes but does not run as a deamon process as it should.

Alternatively you can install the forever node package.

sudo npm install forever -g

This installs forever globally, we can then run nimo as a deamon by running this command

forever start ./nimo.js

Install - cli

Install Nimo globally

npm install nimo -g


nimo --help

nimo start
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