This will allow you to encode / decode avro binary format to / from json format, it supports both deflate and snappy compressions and supports node streams

npm install node-avro-io
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Node Avro IO

Build Status

Implements the avro spec

This status of this repository is initial release

npm install node-avro-io


npm install git://

Serializing data to an avro binary file

var fs = require('fs');
var DataFile = require('node-avro-io').DataFile;

var avro = DataFile.AvroFile();
var fileStream = fs.createFileStream('test.avro');

var schema = 'string';
var writer ="test.avro", schema, { flags: 'w', codec: 'deflate' });
    .append("The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs")
    .append("Another entry")

Deserializing data to from avro binary file

var DataFile = require("node-avro-io").DataFile;

var avro = DataFile.AvroFile();

var reader ='test.avro', { flags: 'r' });
reader.on('data', function(data) {

...lots more to follow...

For now see test/*


  • Avro RPC
  • Support for Trevni (column major data serialization)
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