netcat clone written with node.js

npm install node-cat
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node-cat: netcat clone written with node.js

A netcat clone written to replace the built-in Windows telnet client. The nodejs TCP echo server example didn't work right because telnet sent each character. node-cat sends the text by line.


$ node-cat <host> <port>


npm install node-cat


Using the nodejs TCP echo server example.

$ node-cat localhost 8080
Hello World!
Hello World!

ending session

Advanced Usage

node-cat can be embeded in any node program.

var nc = require("node-cat");

var client = nc.createClient(host, port);

function(client /* the tcp client returned by net.connect */, rl /* readline instance */, stdin, stdout){
    client.write("STATUS: None of your business");
    stdout.write("Sent status.");
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