Validates C++ files with cpplint

npm install node-cpplint
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Validates CPP files with Google's cpplint


This module has been built for usage with Node scripts, to run from the command line, and to be used as a Grunt task.


All methods of using this module allow for four specific configuration options:

  • reporter The reporter to use ( spec | json | plain-text ); defaults to spec.
  • counting The counting-type ( total | toplevel | detailed ); defaults to total. The total number of errors found is always printed. If toplevel is provided, then the count of errors in each of the top-level categories like build and whitespace will also be printed. If detailed is provided, then a count is provided for each category like build/class.
  • verbose The verbosity level; defaults to 1. A number 0-5 to restrict errors to certain verbosity levels.
  • filters Enable/disable filtering for specific errors.

A list of files is also expected.

CLI usage

Using the spec reporter, disabling whitespace/braces errors and linting file1.

bin/cpplint --reporter spec --filter whitespace-braces file1

Setting verbosity to 3 and the counting-type to detailed while linting file1 and file2.

bin/cpplint --verbose 3 --counting detailed file2 file3

Using the plain-text reporter, ignoring build/deprecated errors and linting file1.

bin/cpplint --filter build-deprecated --reporter plain-text

JavaScript usage

Using the spec reporter

var cpplint = require('lib/index.js');
var reporter = require('lib/reporters').spec;
var options = {
  files: [

cpplint(options, reporter);

Using a custom reporter, disabling whitespace/braces and enabling whitespace/include_alpha

var cpplint = require('lib/index');
var options = {
  files: [
  filters: {
    'whitespace': {
      'braces': false,
      'include_alpha': true

cpplint(options, function (err, report) {
  // your reporting logic

Grunt Task


  cpplint: {
    files: [
    reporter: 'spec',
    verbosity: 1
  filters: {
    'whitespace': {
      'braces': false,
      'include_alpha': true


Future plans (in no particular order):

  • better test coverage
  • xunit-xml reporter


In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests (using vows) for any new or changed functionality. Lint and test your code using grunt jslint and verify that all unit tests are passing with grunt vows.

Revision History


  • more windows compability fixes (line-endings) (@zcbenz)


  • bug fix in filters support (@kevinsawicki)


  • update grunt task to work with grunt 0.4 (@kevinsawicki)
  • update dev dependencies (grunt-jslint, vows, ...)
  • added npm test support


  • added support for ignoring certain errors (filters)


  • added simple grunt task


  • first public version
  • provides a few simple options for validating CPP files
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