A Node.JS module to query the duckduckgo instant answers API.

npm install node-ddg-api
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node-ddg-api - DuckDuckGo instant answer API node module

Access the DuckDuckGo API with Nodejs.


Only depends on optimist for the cli but the core has no dependencies.


To install via NPM type the following: npm install node-ddg-api

(use npm install -g node-ddg-api to add node-ddg bin script to your path)

You can also install via git by cloning:

git clone /path/to/project


var DDG = require('node-ddg-api').DDG;

var ddg = new DDG('my-app-name');

ddg.instantAnswer('superman', {skip_disambig: '0'}, function(err, response) {
node-ddg superman -t my-app-name --skip_disambig 0

Running tests (after cloning)

npm install
npm test
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