Node Server Application for managing and maintaining offline documentation.

npm install node-docserver
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DocServer 0.1.1

This is barely out of the oven, provided as is with ZERO guarantees, MIT license

Offline Docs are better, they're faster and you don't have to deal with et al polluting your search results, but managing them can be a pain in the behind. Here's where DocServer comes in, tell it where the docs at and it'll keep it organised by:

  • programming language
  • library name
  • version

At present DocServer can use the following sources:

  • fetch an online .zip file
  • mirror an online directory using wget as the backend
  • copy from a local directory


Install Node

npm install -g node-docserver

Run nodeDocServer, it should be on your path.

Point your browser at http://localhost:8089

Go Hog Wild!


Click the top right button to start downloading a new doc. Enter the details of your docs and then click to start. Here's some examples:

Language: Python
Library: Django
Version: 1.5

Language: Python
Library: StdLib
Version: 2.7.4

Language: Coffeescript
Library: Reference
Version: latest

Language: Javascript
Library: NodeJS
Version: latest

You break it, you bought it.

This is brand new, excessively so. All file operations are done without admin privileges, and when used as intended will only operate within ~/.node-docserver. If you mess up your install, just delete that folder and you can start again. Currently the app is limited to localhost only as there isn't a shred of input validation going on.

Only used in Ubuntu, send me trip reports on other platforms!

Changes 0.1.1

  • Quick Switcher implemented.
  • Docs can now be deleted from home page (deleting them in ~/.node-docserver as well)
  • Version directories no longer prefixed with 'v'.
  • tar.gz file support added.

Copyright (c) 2013 Full and By Design MIT License

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