NodeJS binding for fast XML parsing.

npm install node-expat
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You use node.js for speed? You process XML streams? Then you want the fastest XML parser: libexpat!


A stupid speed test is supplied in bench.js. We measure how many 25-byte elements a SAX parser can process:

  • node-xml (pure JavaScript): 23,000 el/s
  • libxmljs (libxml2 binding): 77,000 el/s
  • node-expat (libexpat binding, this): 113,000 el/s

These numbers were recorded on a Core 2 2400 MHz.


Install node-expat:

npm i node-expat

Installing on windows?

See if you are getting errors about not finding nan.h.


npm test

Build Status


Important events emitted by a parser:

(function () {
  "use strict";

  var expat = require('node-expat')
    , parser

  parser = new expat.Parser("UTF-8");
  parser.on('startElement', function (name, attrs) {
    console.log(name, attrs);
  parser.on('endElement', function (name) {
  parser.on('text', function (text) {
  parser.on('error', function (err) {
  parser.write("<html><head><title>Hello World</title></head><body><p>Foobar</p></body></html>");

Use test.js for reference.


  • #on('startElement' function (name, attrs) {})
  • #on('endElement' function (name) {})
  • #on('text' function (text) {})
  • #on('processingInstruction', function (target, data) {})
  • #on('comment', function (s) {})
  • #on('xmlDecl', function (version, encoding, standalone) {})
  • #on('startCdata', function () {})
  • #on('startCdata', function () {})
  • #on('endCdata', function () {})
  • #on('entityDecl', function (entityName, isParameterEntity, value, base, systemId, publicId, notationName) {})
  • #on('error', function (e) {})
  • #stop() pauses
  • #resume() resumes

Error handling

We don't emit an error event because libexpat doesn't use a callback either. Instead, check that parse() returns true. A descriptive string can be obtained via getError() to provide user feedback.

Alternatively, use the Parser like a node Stream. write() will emit error events.

Namespace handling

A word about special parsing of xmlns: this is not neccessary in a bare SAX parser like this, given that the DOM replacement you are using (if any) is not relevant to the parser.

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