node geocoding library, supports google maps, mapquest, open street map, tom tom, promise

npm install node-geocoder
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Node library for geocoding and reverse geocoding


npm install node-geocoder

Usage example

var geocoderProvider = 'google';
var httpAdapter = 'http';
// optionnal
var extra = {
    apiKey: 'YOUR_API_KEY', // for map quest
    formatter: null         // 'gpx', 'string', ...

var geocoder = require('node-geocoder').getGeocoder(geocoderProvider, httpAdapter, extra);

// Using callback
geocoder.geocode('29 champs elysée paris', function(err, res) {

// Or using Promise
geocoder.geocode('29 champs elysée paris')
    .then(function(res) {
    .err(function(err) {

// output :
    latitude: 48.8698679,
    longitude: 2.3072976,
    country: 'France',
    countryCode: 'FR',
    city: 'Paris',
    zipcode: '75008',
    streetName: 'Champs-Élysées',
    streetNumber: '29',
    state: 'Île de France',
    stateCode: 'IDF'

// Reverse example

// Using callback
geocoder.reverse(45.767, 4.833, function(err, res) {

// Or using Promise
geocoder.reverse(45.767, 4.833)
    .then(function(res) {
    .err(function(err) {

Geocoder Provider

  • google : GoogleGeocoder support address geocoding and reverse geocoding, use extra.clientIdand extra.apiKey(privateKey)for business licence, you can also use extra.language for specify language
  • freegeoip : FreegeoipGeocoder support ip geocoding
  • datasciencetoolkit : DataScienceToolkitGeocoder supports ip v4 geocoding and address geocoding, use for specify a local instance
  • openstreetmap : OpenStreetMapGeocoder support address geocoding and reverse geocoding
  • mapquest : MapQuestGeocoder support address geocoding and reverse geocoding need an apiKey
  • openmapquest : Open MapQuestGeocoder (based on OpenStreetMapGeocoder) support address geocoding and reverse geocoding need an apiKey
  • agol : ArcGis Online Geocoding service, supports geocoding and reverse. Requires a client_id & client_secret
  • tomtom: TomTomGeocoder support address geocoding , you need to specify extra.apiKey

Http adapter

  • http: This adapter uses Http nodejs library (by default)
  • https: This adapter uses Https nodejs library


  • gpx : format result using GPX format
  • string : format result to an String array (you need to specify extra.formatterPattern key)
    • %P country
    • %p country code
    • %n street number
    • %S street name
    • %z zip code
    • %T State
    • %t state code


You can improve this project by adding new geocoders or http adapters.

To run tests just npm test

To check code style install jshint and just run `jshint lib test

Extending node geocoder

You can add new geocoders by implementing the two method geocode & reverse:

var geocoder = {
    geocode: function(value, callback) { },
    reverse: function(lat, lng, callback) { }

You can also add formatter implementing this interface

var formatter = {
    format: function(data) { return formattedData; },
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