A build system for node.js

npm install node-make
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NAKE -- A JavaScript build system for Node.js

Nake is a build system writen entirely in javascript and focused in provide a complete build system for node.js projects.


  • Nakefiles are standard JavaScript syntax or CoffeScript.
  • Task with prerequisites
  • Namespaces
  • Asynchronous task execution
  • A built-in library with common tasks (Work in progress)
  • Include tasks from other modules



Installing with NPM:

npm install -g node-make


git clone git://


nake [options] [task] [arg1] [arg2] ...


A Nakefile that execute the application tests with mocha:

desc('Executes the application tests. Use test FILE to execute a subset of tests.');
task('test', function(file) {
    exec('./node_modules/.bin/mocha -c ' + file, this.done);
}, { async: true });

To execute all application tests:

nake test

To execute only core tests:

nake test test/core/*.js

Syntax reference:

A Nakefile is just JavaScript. Nake includes some functions that allow to define tasks, namespaces, ...


A task is the main unit of work in a Nakefile.

task(name, [dependencies], actions, options);
  • Name: A string with the name for the task.
  • Dependencies: (optional) An array of strings with the task names of dependencies to perform first.
  • Actions: A function to execute when the task is invoked. Any task arguments will be passed as fuction arguments in the same order.
  • options: Allow to configure aditional task behaviour.
    • async: If true the task will be executed in asynchronous mode and will require to call this.done() to finish the task.


To add a description to a task use the desc function before the task definition.

  • Description_text: A string with the task description.


A namespace allow to group tasks and avoids name collisions.

namespace(name, function() {

  • Name: A string with the namespace name.


A call allows to execute other tasks inside a task.

call(task_name, arguments, callback);
  • Task_name: A string with the reference to the task to call.
  • Arguments: (Optional) An array with the task arguments.
  • Callback: A function to call when the other task execution is completed.


You can include other Nakefiles.

  • File: A string with the path of the file to include relative to the current Nakefile.


You can use a property bag to share parameters between tasks. Properties are shared between Nakefiles.

To set a property:

property(name, value);

To get a property value:

var value = property(name);
  • Name: A string with the property name.
  • Value: Any value for the property.

Matthew Eernisse's Jake:

A JavaScript port of Rake for Node.js.

James Coglan's "Jake":

Confusingly, this is a Ruby tool for building JavaScript packages from source code.

280 North's Jake:

This is also a JavaScript port of Rake, which runs on the Narwhal platform.


Carlos Prado,


Any help is welcome.


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (

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