Deprecated. Use monode package instead.

Toolkit for the monome and arc osc controllers

npm install node-monome
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use instead


monome/arc toolkit

node-monome makes monome device discovery/interaction trivial and fun. lol wut?

Getting Started

$ npm install node-monome
$ node
> var nodeMonome = require('node-monome');
> var monome = nodeMonome(); // initialize

monome emits a 'device' event when a device becomes available. 'device' triggers when node-monome initializes, AND when a device is connected via usb

// light grid led on key press
monome.on('device', function(device) {
  device.on('key', function(x, y, i) {
    device.led(x, y, i);

Connected devices also accessible through the monome.devices object

console.log('Device Ids:', Object.keys(monome.devices));


Device Methods

device.led(x, y, state)

// turn on led at position 0, 4
device.led(0, 4, 1);
// turn off again
device.led(0, 4, 0);


// close the server listening for messages from the device
// in most cases, you won't need this as it will happen
// automagically when you exit node.js

device.osc.send(address, val1, val2, ...)

// send arbitrary osc message to serialosc
device.osc.send(device.prefix + '/grid/led/all', 1);

Device Properties

// Read-only properties
device.width  // integer - for arc, this is the same as size
device.height // integer - for arc this is always 64   // string
device.port   // integer     // string ex: "m0000164"
device.type   // string ex: "monome arc 2", "monome 64"
device.isArc  // bool
device.size   // integer, arc only, 2 or 4
device.osc    // [node-osc Client](

// Assignable properties
device.rotation // 0, 90, 180, or 270
device.prefix // set or get

// Assignable properties update asynchronously.
// An event will be fired when when the update occurs.
// Set rotation by assigning 0, 90, 180, 270
> device.on('rotation', function(value){
>  console.log('rotation changed to:', value);
> });
> console.log(device.rotation);
> device.rotation = 180; console.log(device.rotation);
rotation changed to: 180

Device Events

// encoder delta - arc only
device.on('enc', function(n, delta){
  console.log('Arc turn:', n, delta);

// key - grid or arc2011
device.on('key', function(x, y, s){
  if (device.isArc) console.log('Push:', x, y);
  else console.log('Grid Key:', x, y, s);

// tilt - arc or grid
device.on('tilt', function(n, x, y, z){
  console.log('tilt:', n, x, y, z);

// disconnect is similar to monome.disconnect
device.on('disconnect', function(device){
  console.log('device disconnected:', device);

// prefix and rotation work the same way
device.on('prefix', function(prefix){
  console.log('prefix changed to:', prefix);

// ready is similar to monome.ready
device.on('ready', function(device){
  // assert(device.ready);
  console.log('device is ready:', device);

monome Events

// connect
monome.on('connect', function(device){
  console.log('a device was connected:', device);
// disconnect
monome.on('disconnect', function(device){
  console.log('A device was disconnected:', device);
// device - triggered once the device has configured itself with width, height, etc
monome.on('device', function(device){
  console.log('A device was connected, and is ready to use')
  console.log('Port:', device.port);
  console.log('Dimentions:', device.width, device.height)

Requires serialosc 1.2a or later

mac win linux


In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint and test your code using Grunt.

Release History

1.1.2 Better Readme 1.1.1 Bugfixes 1.1.0 Add Arc Support


Copyright (c) 2013 Charles Holbrow
Licensed under the MIT license.

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