A simple OpenImageIO wrapper

npm install node-oiio
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Node wrapper for OpenImageIO

This was created as part of an assignment for a computer graphics course.


This wrapper aims to allow reading and writing a wide variety of image formats via OpenImageIO.


No attempts are made to retain all data for floating point image formats. Everything is assumed to fit into UINT8 per channel per pixel.


var Image = require("node-oiio");
/* Pixel is likely not needed to be included. 
   It's what image.getPixel returns, which
   is how you'll more likely work with it */
var Pixel = require("node-oiio/pixel");

var img = new Image('lena.png');
var smallImg = img.scale(50, 50);


After you get libOpenImageIO you can simply npm install node-oiio

This library depends on libOpenImageIO being available. On Gentoo emerge media-libs/openimageio and node-gyp being available should be sufficient.

If anyone wants to alter it so that it downloads and locally compiles OIIO to link against, that would probably be better.

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