A PCSC binding for node.js

npm install node-pcsc
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PCSC bindings for NodeJS


Dependencies to run this out are:

  • nodejs
  • Linux:
    • libpcsclite
    • libpcsclite-dev
  • Mac OS X:
    • XCode
  • Windows:
    • Visual Studio 2010 (Express)

If you are running a Debian/Ubuntu Linux distribution you may install it this way:

sudo apt-get install nodejs npm libpcsclite1 libpcsclite-dev

Under Mac OS X if you have updated to Maveric after installing Xcode you need to run:

xcode-select --install

Under Windows you need to install all updates for the Windows SDK and Visual Studio This is really annoying 100 times restart ...

Anyway afterwards to compile the native sources you may call node-gyp:

node-gyp configure
node-gyp build

Or install it via the npm tool:

npm install

Updating SmartCard/RFID tags card list

The author of PCSC, Ludovic Rousseau, is maintaining a list of known SmartCard/RFID tags on his website. This package integrate a version of it (./lib/smcard-list.js), and provide a tool to update it if needed:

npm run update-list

Or (strictly equivalent)



The JS-side API is still not stable, please refer to examples provided for now.


A test suite will be proabably written later on.

Code sample

A little example using this library is available, you can try it this way:



This package would have never existed without great support of open source projects, rewarding the community by this work is the least I can do. I would appreciate any code review, comments, issue reportings, forks from you. Please feel free to contact me at: clement.desiles{{EMAIL_SYMBOL}}

This projet is under the MIT licence. Please refer to the LICENCE file provided for more information.

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