Real Time Connection with Node - PostgreSQL using WebSocket

npm install node-pgsql-socket
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Real Time Connection PostgreSQL + NodeJS

Real Time Connection with Node - PostgreSQL using WebSocket While usually using polling connection between apps to database server, this method using PostgreSQL with PL/Python pushin new or modified data to the app otherwise through web socket via node.js. So basically, it's a real real time connections. This one is from tutorial at my blog,

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Because I am focus on GeoIT, so PostGIS and hStore extension are installed automatically beside the PL/Py language Output to be in GeoJSON format. See SendSocket.sql for more info.

  • Python 2.6 or above
  • PostgreSQL 9.0 or above
  • PL/Python language
  • PostGIS 2.0
  • HStore Extension

Install SendSocket.sql:

createdb -O username mydb
psql -d mydb -U username -f SendSocket.sql


  • Express 3.x

    Since PostgreSQL will connect to App, we don't need node-pg or similar

Install dependencies:

npm install

Frontend (optional)

  • jQuery
  • Twitter Bootstrap


$ node server.js

Open http://localhost:3000 and try to insert data to PostgreSQL directly.

INSERT INTO nama_tabel ("label", the_geom) VALUES ('test', ST_GeomFromText( 'POINT(107.623590 -6.894190)', 4326) );
UPDATE nama_tabel SET the_geom = ST_GeomFromText( 'POINT(107.617247 -6.891333)', 4326) WHERE "label" = 'test';


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