Set data structure

npm install node-set
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node set

A super simple javascript implementation of Set. As far as this module is concerned, a Set is an unordered list of objects of the same type. This implementation doesn't try to substitute the new coming ES6 implementation for sets, but represents a much more simple and lightweight implementation.

Use a node set when you need a list of object of the same type.


npm install node-set


var NodeSet = require('node-set');

// list of possible statuses => all strings
var set = new NodeSet( String );
set.add( new String('active') );
set.add( new String('inactive') );
set.add( new String('banned') );
set.add( new String('deleted') );

// 4

// [ {'0': 'active'}, {'0': 'inactive'}, {'0': 'banned'}, {'0': 'deleted'} ]

set.replace( [ new String('active'), new String('inactive') ] );
// [ {'0': 'active'}, {'0': 'inactive'} ]

set.add( new Number(10) );
// TypeError thrown as `Number` is not type `String`


The only dev dependency is coffee-script which can be installed running 'npm install' mocha and should are used in the testing suite. The coffeescript is compiled down to javascript automatically before publishing using the 'prepublish' script in 'package.json'. coffeescript files and test files are deliberately left out of the package via '.npmignore' because no one likes needlessly big modules.

Contributions are welcome!



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