Overlay to the function console.log, other colors, added prefix with date and class name.

npm install node-simple-log
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Overlay to the function console.log


npm install node-simple-log



Set templates and colors simple.config(key, value);

var simple = require('node-simple-log');
simple.config('defaultTemplate', '[{time}] [{parent}]: {arguments}');
simple.config('errorTemplate', '[{time}] [{rel-file}]: {arguments}');
simple.config('myLogTemplate', '{time} {ref-file-line} | {arguments}');


Posible features:

  • {time} complete data like 2013-04-20 11:00:26
  • {parent} object name
  • {parent.method} object and method
  • {file} file with path
  • {file-line-col} file with path, line and column
  • {file-line} file with path and line number
  • {rel-file-line-col} file with path (without process.cwd() and process.argv[1]), line and column
  • {rel-file-line} file with path (without process.cwd() and process.argv[1]) and line
  • {rel-file} file with path (without process.cwd() and process.argv[1])
  • {arguments} if not set arguments are add on end line


Posible colors and decorations:

  • reset
  • underline
  • black
  • red
  • green
  • yellow
  • blue
  • magenta
  • cyan
  • gray
  • white
  • light-black
  • light-red
  • light-green
  • light-yellow
  • light-blue
  • light-magenta
  • light-cyan
  • light-white
  • back-black
  • back-red
  • back-green
  • back-yellow
  • back-blue
  • back-magenta
  • back-cyan
  • back-white
  • back-dark


Set name log to next context when use log

var simple = require('node-simple-log');

// Set config to your own log type
simple.config('myLogTemplate', '{time} {ref-file-line} | {arguments}');
simple.config('myLogColor', 'light-red');
simple.config('myLogArgColor', 'underline');
// set context and print log'myLog').log('my custom log');

Standard print methods:

var simple = require('node-simple-log');

simple.log('my log', simple);'my info');
simple.warn('my warn');
simple.error('my error');
simple.ok('my green log');
simple.msg('my msg');

You can add your log type to global object:

var simple = require('node-simple-log');
simple.myLog = function() {'myLog', arguments);


var simple = require('node-simple-log');

simple.log('Some', 'log');

function Foo() {
    simple.log('Some', 'log', 'in', 'constructor');
} = function() {
    simple.log('Some', 'log', 'in', '');

function Bar() {
    simple.log('Some', 'log', 'in', 'Bar()');

var obj = new Foo();;



[2012-09-30 15:53:44] [-] Some log
[2012-09-30 15:53:44] [new Foo] Some log in constructor
[2012-09-30 15:53:44] [Foo] Some log in
[2012-09-30 15:53:44] [Bar] Some log in Bar()

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