textconverter for git.

npm install node-textconv
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a textconv util for git.

Getting Started

Install the module with: npm install -g node-textconv

Put a textconver for xlsx in your configuration:

git config --global diff.xlsx.textconv "textconv --xlsx"

Define your differences in .gitattributes:

*.xlsx   diff=xlsx
*.XLSX   diff=xlsx

You are ready to compare versions.

difftool wrapper

When we want to use a external diff tool, git doen't help us to use textconv feature; Therefore, out wrapper script should grasp textconv configuration and use it. This difftool wrapper supports diffmerge only.

If you are on diffmerge, change configation like this:

git config --global diff.tool=diffmerge
git config --global difftool.diffmerge.cmd "difftool diffmerge \$LOCAL \$REMOTE"

This configuration for git difftool only. SourceTree require additional configation:

git config --global difftool.sourcetree.cmd "difftool diffmerge \$LOCAL \$REMOTE"


Copyright (c) 2014+ Changwoo Park. Licensed under the MIT license.

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