A wrapper for converting async node functions to prescription FRP observables

npm install node-to-prescription
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Node To Prescription

This is a convenience wrapper libary to make converting asynchronous node.js callback style functions to FRP Prescription functions that return Observable's mostly one liners.


var Observable         = require("prescription").Observable;
var nodeToPrescription = require("node-to-prescription");

// A typical node.js callback driven asynchronous function
var doAsync = function(data, next) {
    process.nextTick(function() {
        next(null, "async done: " + data);

// Here we wrap the node.js async function to return an Observable
var observableAsync = nodeToPrescription(doAsync);

// Here we issue an async call, get an Observable back, map over the results
// and finally print the result to the console.
observableAsync("joseph").map(function(n) { return n.toUpperCase(); });
                         .subscribe(function(m) { console.log(n); });
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