Please use official traceur package instead (npm install traceur):

Mirror of experimental ES6 to ES5 compiler that is kept in sync with code on google.

npm install node-traceur
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Please use the official traceur package and refer to this github repo

This is a mirror of the traceur compiler hosted on

For more information about Traceur Compiler, visit:

It was slightly adapted to include only the files necessary to consume it from another node.js module and make that easier.

Please find the original readme here.


npm install node-traceur

Use official traceur instead:

  npm install traceur


As part of the adaptation the entire API is exposed properly so things like require('traceur/src/node/compiler') are no longer necessary.

Please consult the index file to see what is exposed from where.

Note: I welcome additions from anyone (especially the Chromium authors) that add more API documentation here.


Use source-map npm module instead of including it in third_party

That however requires fixing all references to it in the code and at this point I didn't want to take that on.

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