nodeclipse CLI - prepare Node.js project to be imported into Eclipse (Nodeclipse); Installer - eclipse plugin CLI installer

npm install nodeclipse
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Nodeclipse CLI & Installer

Node.js Development with Eclipse or Enide Studio

Install with npm install -g nodeclipse

Usage: just run nodeclipse -p to add needed .project file to current directory

In Eclipse File -> Import -> General / Existing Projects into Workspace

Check on how to get Nodeclipse or Enide Studio

Nodeclipse CLI Commands

Usage: nodeclipse [arguments]

  -c, --create <name>      create project folder <name> [using template] and prepare it
  -u, --use <template>     use/copy specified template when creating project
  -p, --prepare            prepare Nodeclipse [Node.js] project for import, i.e. add needed `.project`
                              and other `.*` files ('.gitignore', '.jshintrc', '.settings/') if there is no `.project` yet
  -g, --eclipse_project_general   prepare General Eclipse project for import, i.e. add only needed `.project` file
  -n, --name [<name>]      project name (default is folder name)
  -h, --help               Check README
  -v, --version            print nodeclipse CLI's version
  -V, --verbose            be verbose

Templates are just folders in this project sources:
  hello-world              The famous hello world HTTP server in 6 lines
  hello-coffee               The same server written in CoffeeScript
  hello-typescript         The same server written in TypeScript
  hello-html               Template with HTML file
  template-gradle-java     Gradle Java project
  template-maven-java      Maven Java project


nodeclipse -p

nodeclipse --prepare project1

nodeclipse --create project2

nodeclipse --create project3 --use hello-coffee

nodeclipse -c project4 -u hello-coffee

Nodeclipse CLI installer

Nodeclipse CLI installer is for installing/updating plugins into Eclipse/Enide Studio. It is much quicker way when you need to automate and know exactly what you need.

cd path/to/eclipse
nodeclipse install egit

or if you are in a hurry

cd path/to/eclipse && nodeclipse i gfm markdown startexplorer

If while installing you get errors, that you don't know how to solve, use Eclipse GUI or raise an issue.

Usage: nodeclipse install [aliases] Mapped aliases: egit git gfm gradle icons jjs markdown mongodb moonrise nodejs phantomjs pluginslist restclient shelled startexplorer


  • When updating, I noticed that Eclipse once reported conflict when installing 'nodejs', but was OK for second try.
  • Cannot resolute to install required JSDT for Nodeclipse nodejs. Install JSDT version specific for your Eclipse version. (use Eclipse GUI)

Eclipse Workspace and Project

Eclipse Workspace is just folder that contains Eclipse Projects. Eclipse Projects is just folder with .project file.

Developing Nodeclipse CLI


Project sources are at under

before publishing

  • try with npm install . -g
  • check that nodeclipse.js line ending is UNIX style (#101)

#4341 common-templates/.gitignore becomes common-templates/.npmignore

The only feature that differentiates a command-line program from a library is the bin field in the package.json file.


$ nodeclipse -h
Usage: nodeclipse [directory] [arguments]

  -f, --force              force on non-empty directory (by default existing files are not updated)
  -pg                    as general project
  -pn                     as Nodeclipse Node.js project (default)
  -t, --template <template>     use/copy specified template when creating project (see also `git init`)
  --gitclone <repository>            call git clone [directory]
  --js2njs (renamejs)

TODO Examples:

git clone repository directory
nodeclipse directory -pg    

nodeclipse directory -pg --gitclone repository 
nodeclipse --gitclone repository directory -pg (bad?)

Dream - I wish I could get current project in GitHub as project in Eclipse with 1 click. options are:

  • eclipse wizards accessible with icon, where I only need to git repository URL
  • add link on Wizard Page
  • options to refine .jshintrc

Build Eclipse Java Project from Command Line

List of workspace projects <workspace>\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.resources\.projects\


  • 0.8.2 fix #101 (bug on MacOS); -g option
  • 0.8.3 fix general project template
  • 0.10.0 add 2 java templates
  • 0.10.5 add Nodeclipse CLI Installer (example nodeclipse install markdown)
  • 0.10.6 fix #101 again; total aliases=20
  • 0.10.8 add maven, gradle features; install from .zip; install all
  • 0.10.9 comma-sep-list of repositories; lookup for repositories.
    Examples: nci install from kepler jsdt
  • 0.10.10 uninstall, materialize Examples: nci uninstall , nci new from luna to d:/progs/eclipse-diy-luna/
  • 0.11.0 update command as p2-director needs uninstall then install (example nodeclipse update markdown)



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