Rough DI framework to overcome many, many require statements

npm install nodey
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Simplistic, magic Dependency Injection Framework for Node.js. Nodey is Dependency Conjuration for the easily amused. Pronounced Nodey, like "Node Dee" but with less D's: Nodey.


Requires Mocha, Should and Mockery to run tests, but only Async, Introspect, and Coffee-Script to run.


Nodey builds up a container indexed by filename for all of the .js files in a given folder. When you want to get a type out of nodey you have to pass it the same name as the filename (sans .js). The current version of Nodey will choke if you register two files that are named the same. So in an mvc app you can name your user controller "userController" and your model "user" and deal with the extra text in the route bootsrapping process.

Simple example

Pass Nodey a set of folders in a path that you would like to register. Nodey will look through all of the folders and any of their subfolders and "require" all of the .js files.

var nodey = require('nodey')
nodey.register(path, ["controllers", "models", "views"], function(err){...});

Once the files are loaded Nodey can retrieve them via nodey.resolve.

nodey.resolve("NameOfMyAwesomeObject", function(err, resolvedItem){...});

Express example

var boostrapper = function(){
    nodey.register(path, ["controllers", "models", "views"], function(err){
        var app = express.createServer();
        var myRouteHandler = new routeHandler(app, nodey);
var routeHandler = function(expressApp, nodey){
    var router = function router(req, res, next) {
        var controllerName = req.params.controller ? req.params.controller : "";
        nodey.resolve(controllerName.toLowerCase() + "Controller", function(err, controller){
            controller(req, res, next);
    expressApp.get("/:controller?", router);
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