A really simple Redis Client for Node.js

npm install nodredis
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Node Redis client, really simple and small

How to Install

npm install nodredis

How to Use


var nodredis = require('nodredis');

var cl = new nodredis.connect();
console.log(['is it connected?', cl.connected]);
cl.on("connect", function () {
        console.log(['is it connected?', cl.connected]);
cl.on("end",function () {
      console.log("connection ended");

Normal Operation

cl.cmd('setex', 'test', 120, "One Two Three");
cl.cmd('get', 'test', console.log);

Binary Data

cl.cmdbin('set', 'test', Buffer('c0c1c2c3c400010203', 'hex'));
cl.cmdbin('get', 'test', console.log);
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