library for providing a function that does nothing; it's like super useful

npm install nop
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a library for providing a javascript function that does nothing; it's like super useful

use case

Did you know every time you create a do-nothing no-op function you're consuming memory? You can literally save maybe a whole byte or two by using this nop library.

Anybody who cares about being efficient and doesn't care about being rediculous should use this library.


default callback

var nop = require('nop');

function example(options) {
  options = options || {};
  options.success = options.success || nop;
  options.error = options.error || nop;

  // do stuff

feel like calling a function, but don't want it to do anything and don't want to create it myself

var nop = require('nop');

var a = 'a';
var b = 'b';
// do you think I should call a function now?
var c = 'c';
// nah, I'll wait
var d = 'd';
var e = 'e';
var f = 'f';
// maybe now
var g = 'g';
// can I do another?
var h = 'h';
var j = 'j';
// sure... I guess
// hey, you were supposed to just do one
var i = 'i';
// sorry
var j = 'j';
// alright, then, as long as you're sorry
var k = 'ok';
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