Get current weather conditions via

npm install now-forecast
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Get current weather conditions via



  1. Download or clone.

  2. Specify your api key and location coordinates in config.json.

  3. Use npm -g install to install dependencies and the now command-line utility.


{data} = require 'now'

# callback for handling the returned JSON
summary = (d) ->  
  console.log "Currently #{d.currently.summary}"
  console.log d.daily.summary

data summary

This should print out something like ...

Currently Clear
Light rain next week; temperatures rising to 89° on Tuesday.


> now 
time: 1378231463
summary: 'Clear'
icon: 'clear-day'
precipIntensity: 0
precipProbability: 0
temperature: 82.3
apparentTemperature: 84.07
dewPoint: 64.92
windSpeed: 9.07
windBearing: 357
cloudCover: 0.19
humidity: 0.56
pressure: 1005.71
visibility: 10
ozone: 291.68

> now temperature humidity
temperature: 84.24
humidity: 0.49
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