Node.js packaging utility

npm install npk
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Node.js packaging utility to bundle javascript and resource files.

Usage -

Install NPK globally via NPM:

npm install npk -g

Using command to package your project:

npk tests/purejs/

Then you can find out the package in there:


You can run packaged application directly:

node tests/purejs/out/app.js/app.js

How it works -

NPK is similar to general compiler for computer language. With linking and managing symbol table, NPK can bundle multiple JavaScript source code files, that's just like that compiler is getting objects for making a single binary file.

Actual mechanism to package JavaScript source code files:

  1. Getting source files defined in the 'npk_target' property in package.json.
  2. Generating symbol table for storing source code files.
  3. Linking and bundling symbol table files to generate a single file.

License - Licensed under the MIT License

Authors - Copyright(c) 2013 Fred Chien <>

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