A terminal MP3 player for all platforms - frontend for mplayer / afplay

npm install nplay
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Node frontend for mplayer with Winamp key bindings.

Can play mp3 files from the console.

z - x - c - v - b is the bottom row on your keyboard.


npm install -g nplay

Installing dependencies:

  • Linux: apt-get install mplayer
  • OSX: none, uses the builtin afplayer command
  • Windows: install mplayer; edit the line with child_process.spawn in ./lib/player


z - Previous
x - Play
c - Pause
v - Stop
b - Next
s - Shuffle mode
r - Repeat mode
f - Filter mode (filtered by rating >= 3)
1...5 - Rate song
j - Jump to file by filename search

Command line

You can pass paths (to directories or to files) to nplay to play the files. Directories are traversed recursively.

nplay /home/m/mp3

When no arguments are passed, nplay reads ~/.nplay.json and uses the paths set there. The idea is that you are mostly listening to the same library of files:

  "directories": [ "/home/m/mp3" ]

Playback interface:


Jump to with autocompletion and song selection using up/down/enter keys:

Partial matches are supported, separate terms with a space.


--ls (new in 0.2.x)

--ls produces a list of files in the following format: rating,filename. E.g.:


This is useful for doing things managing files based on their rating:

nplay --ls | grep "^[4,5]," | sed 's/.,//g' | grep "mp3/mp3-2" | xargs -I {} -p echo {}

Above, you might replace echo {} with cp {} /media/usb to copy files or rm {} to delete the file.

Note that the xargs -I {} is for OSX compatibility, and -p makes xargs confirm each command with y/n.

Shuffle mode

The random playlist is pre-generated when the mode is started, so if you skip past a good song, you can go back to it.

Filter mode

Filters songs to only rated ones.

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