Bundle static files with NPM packages

npm install npm-assets
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Use static files from NPM packages.

This is a tool for copying static files (fonts, CSS, images, etc.) declared and packaged in NPM modules into a folder. To define static files in a package, add a assets field to the package.json containing an array of files to include. These files will be copied (preserving the same directory structure) when this tools is ran. It will recursively search for modules in the node_modules folder.`

JS Example

var assets = require('npm-assets');
    process.cwd(), // root directory
    'assets',      // destination directory
    done);         // callback


Also included is the npm-assets executable. Simply run npm-assets <dest> to search for all assets from modules in the current folder and copy them to the dest folder.

# Copy all assets to the `assets` folder
npm-assets assets
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