Require css from npm

npm install npm-css
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Require css from node modules.


@import "typeahead";

@import "./foo.css";
@import "./bar/baz.css";

.foo {
    color: red

npm-css reads css imports in the format of @import " ... " and inlines the CSS at that path for you. It also understands node modules.

If you @import a folder it will try to look for a package.json file or read index.css by default. See the package.json section below.


To build a single css file from an entry.css with @import statements.

npm-css entry.css -o bundle.css


If you want to build css files on the fly.

var npmcss = require('npm-css');
var css = npmcss(/path/to/file);


You can specify the stylesheet for your module by adding a "style" field to your package.json file. This works similarly to the "main" field.


npm install npm-css

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