Move attachments into Manta and out of the registry

npm install npm-skim-registry
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Mcouch for npm registries. The opposite of npm-fullfat-registry.

This moves attachments to the target in manta, but then also deletes them out of the couchdb. It avoids then deleting them out of manta, by specifying a {skip: true} value for each tarball associated with a published version.

This results in deleting attachments that don't belong (except for favicon.ico on the npm doc, which is a special magical snowflake), but keeping attachments in Manta if they are needed for a published version, even as they are removed from couchdb.

You probably don't need this. It's super niche. More likely, if you're even reading this, you want either mcouch or npm-fullfat-registry.


  client: myMantaClient,
  db: myCouchDBUrl,
  path: pathInMantaWhereStuffGoes,
  seqFile: '.sequence',
  inactivity_ms: 60*60*1000,
  delete: true
}).on('put', function(doc) {
  console.log('PUT %s', doc._id);
}).on('rm', function(doc) {
  console.log('RM %s', doc._id);
}).on('send', function(doc, file) {
  console.log('-> sent %s/%s', doc._id,;
}).on('delete', function(doc, remote) {
  console.log('-> deleted %s/%s', doc._id, remote);

Or on the cli:

npm-skim-registry - Skim the fat out of your registry couchdb
Usage: npm-skim-registry [args] COUCHDB MANTAPATH

    COUCHDB                             Full url to your couch, like
    MANTAPATH                           Remote path in Manta, like
    -Q FILE, --seq-file=FILE            File to store the sequence in
    -q NUMBER, --seq=NUMBER             Sequence ID to start at
    --inactivity-ms=MS                  Max ms to wait before assuming
    -d, --delete                        Delete removed attachments and docs from
    -s URL, --skim=URL                  Target to write attachment free docs.
                                        Defaults to put back into COUCHDB arg.
    -a ACCOUNT, --account=ACCOUNT       Manta Account (login name)
    -h, --help                          Print this help and exit
    -i, --insecure                      Do not validate SSL certificate
    -k FINGERPRINT, --keyId=FINGERPRINT SSH key fingerprint
    -u URL, --url=URL                   Manta URL
    -v, --verbose                       verbose mode
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