resolve npm dependency trees

npm install npmd-resolve
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npmd dependency tree resolution.

given an npmd database full of npm package.jsons, resolve the dependency tree for a module & version.

If a leveldb is not provided, npmd-resolve will resolve by looking in your ~/.npm/ cache, or querying the npm registry, if you provide the {online: true} option.


var resolve = require('npmd-resolve')
//versionSublevel, moduleName, moduleVersion, config
resolve(db.sublevel('ver'), 'browserify', '2', 
  {greedy: true}, function (err, tree) {


npm install -g npmd-resolve npmd-install
# then
npmd-resolve browserify | npmd-install
# or
npmd-resolve browserify --online | npmd-install


npmd-resolve module@ver,...   # resolve specific modules
npmd-resolve < package.json   # resolve all deps for this package.json
npmd-resolve                  # resolve all deps for current directory

data format:

npmd-resolve assumes a leveldb of package.json's with format: + '!' + paddedSemver(package.version) : package

padded semver converts semver into strings that are bytewise sorted.

greedy mode

If {greedy: true} is enabled, resolve will build a dependency tree that is deduplicated by default.



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