A twitter demo app in nodejs

npm install nwitter
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Node Twitter

This project is an attempt to build a twitter clone in node.


Installation instruction

When you have these installed, clone the project:

$ git clone git@github.com:vinitkumar/node-twitter.git
$ cd node-twitter
$ npm install

By above step you will get all required libraries and node modules. Once done, go to these links:

and create your own apps on these platform, since the applications uses these two for login. Once you have entered the application app id and secret. Just do

$ npm start

This will run the app on http://localhost:3000


If you want to contribute, here are some advices:

  • Use proper git flow.
  • Follow the style guide.
  • Create issue about what you want to add or report a bug.


Vinit Kumar, @vinitkumar (Github) , @vinitkme (Twitter)

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