nodejs oauth wrapper for gmail

npm install oauth-gmail
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OAuth for Gmail

This module makes it easy to generate Oauth (v1) and Xoauth strings for use with gmail's IMAP servers.


$ npm install gmail-oauth


var client = require(__dirname + '../lib/index').createClient();

client.getRequestToken('johnnytoothpick@gmail.com', function (error, results) {
  if (error) 
    throw new Error(error);

  // get the user to go to the authorization URL...

  process.stdout.write('Enter verification code: ');

  process.stdin.once('data', function (text) {
    var code = text.trim();

    client.getAccessToken(results, code, function(error, results) {
      if (error)  
        throw new Error(error);

      console.log(JSON.stringify(results, null, 2));

GmailOauth API


Create a new oauth client.

options is an object which may specify:

  • consumerKey: the consumerKey value to pass to Gmail/Google
  • consumerSecret: the consumerSecret value to pass to Gmail/Google
  • callbackUrl: which callbackUrl to use for this client. Defaults to 'oob'

Class: gmailOauth.client;

client.getRequestToken(user, callback)

client.getAccessToken(request, verifier, callback)

client.xoauthString(user, accessToken, accessTokenSecret)

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