String.prototype.replace for Objects

npm install object-replace
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String.prototype.replace for Objects


Let's say we have some users:

var data = [
  {name: 'joe', address: '123 Main Lane'},
  {name: 'cecilia', address: '456 Sticks St'},

Let's say we want to preform an in-place modification to some of these values - let's capitalize their names:

var replace = require('object-replace')

replace(data, 'name', function (val) {
  return val.toUpperCase()

object-replace is also suitable (in fact, it really shines) for more complex and nested objects. It supports dotnotation selectors with wildcards, powered by object-match.

function signature

In jsig notation:

type Replacer : (val: Value, path: Array<String>) => Value

replace(obj: Object, selectors: String|Array<String>, replacer:Replacer) => Object

Replace modifies the object obj in place, and also returns a reference to it for convenience.

The replacer function is called on each matching value. Its return value is used for the new property value.


$ npm install object-replace

running the tests

From probject root:

$ npm install
$ npm test


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MIT. (c) 2013 Agile Diagnosis hello@agilediagnosis.com. See LICENSE.md

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