Bundles NodeJS modules/libraries for web browsers

npm install one
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OneJS v3 Build Status

Bundles NodeJS and Component modules for the web.

$ one index.js > browser.js

Or, from NodeJS:


See tests for more examples and documentation.

What's New?

V2 Compatibility

  • Multiple bundles, async require and in-manifest configurations haven't implemented yet.
  • No more main modules. The specified entry module will be called by the bundle itself.

Built with OneJS v3


From Command-line

See docs/man

From JavaScript


All Available methods:


See docs/man the command-line manual above for details.

Building Components

OneJS will also work with Component modules. You can pick any module from Component, install in your project and bundle it the same way.

$ npm install
$ component install
$ onejs index.js -o dist.js


  • -t --tie
  • Async Require & Multiple Bundles
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