A commadline tool for executing remote commands as well as uploading and downloading files. Use with oonglyd

npm install oonglycli
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(n) A finger, in Hindi language

(n) A nodejs based tool for uploading/downloading files and executing remote commands in non-homogenous systems

Upload files

     oonglycli --host foo.local --port 8080 --op upload --file /home/ameyms/foo.sh --remotepath /var/fubar/bar.sh

Download files

     oonglycli --host foo.local --port 8080 --op download --file /home/ameyms/foo.sh --remotepath /var/fubar/bar.sh

Execute remote command

     oonglycli --host foo.local --port 8080 --op cmd cat /home/amey/code/*.js foo | wc -l

The --host and --port should correspond to the machine where oonglyd is running

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