Detect if an image or canvas has any transparent pixels.

npm install opaque
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Browserify module for detecting if an image or canvas element has transparent pixels.


Using NPM and Browserify:

npm install opaque

As a component:

component install hughsk/opaque



Returns false if transparent, or true if not.


The opposite of opaque: true if transparent, false if not.

var opaque = require('opaque')
  , transparent = require('opaque').transparent

var brick = new Image
brick.src = '/brick.png'
brick.onload = function() {
  opaque(brick)      // true
  transparent(brick) // false

var glass = new Image
glass.src = '/glass.png'
glass.onload = function() {
  opaque(glass)      // false
  transparent(glass) // true

Note that an image must be fully loaded before being checked.

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