nodeJS/npm wrapper for the Open Exchange Rates API

npm install open-exchange-rates
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Open Exchange Rates module for nodeJS/npm

Important update: v0.2 is not backwards-compatible with v0.1, and the name has been changed from 'exchange-rates' to 'open-exchange-rates', to reflect the fact that it is solely a wrapper for the OXR service (the previous module had the rarely-used feature of being able to work with any other APIs, via a custom parse method).


$ npm install open-exchange-rates

A nodeJS module that loads up-to-date currency/exchange rate data from the Open Exchange Rates API service, for use in your nodeJS scripts and apps.

Works perfectly with money.js (npm install money) - a tiny currency-conversion library for nodeJS (and web) - but you can use the data however you like.

NB: an App ID is required to connect to the API. It's free for personal/small-scale use and a bargain for business/commercial. Get yours in 30 seconds or less at

Requires: http-agent

To install, type npm install open-exchange-rates in the terminal. Then see below.

Example Usage:

See the example.js in this repository for a basic, working usage example.

Start with this:

var oxr = require('open-exchange-rates');

Load latest rates from

var oxr = require('open-exchange-rates');
oxr.set({ app_id: 'YOUR_APP_ID' })

oxr.latest(function() {
    // You can now use `oxr.rates`, `oxr.base` and `oxr.timestamp`...

Get historical rates:

var oxr = require('open-exchange-rates');
oxr.set({ app_id: 'YOUR_APP_ID' })

oxr.historical('2004-02-16', function() {
    // You can now use `oxr.rates`, `oxr.base` and `oxr.timestamp`...

Currency conversion with money.js (fx) module:

var oxr = require('open-exchange-rates'),
    fx = require('money');

oxr.set({ app_id: 'YOUR_APP_ID' })

oxr.latest(function() {
    // Apply exchange rates and base rate to `fx` library object:
    fx.rates = oxr.rates;
    fx.base = oxr.base;

    // money.js is all set up now:
    fx(100).from('HKD').to('GBP'); // 8.0424 or etc.

Advanced API Features:

The Open Exchange Rates API features several advanced features, for paying clients. These will be added to the module (and documented here) soon!

More Info

For more information, documentation, examples and showcase, check out the Open Exchange Rates homepage


0.2.0 - updated to work with latest version of Open Exchange Rates API with App IDs; renamed to 'open-exchange-rates'

0.1.0 - first version

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