The Node.js client library for OpenERP

npm install openerp
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The Node.js OpenERP library enables accessing any OpenERP server's XML-RPC API.

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This library may be installed using npm:

npm install openerp



This method sets up a client for connecting to openerp-server's databases. Here's a minimal example for connecting :

var openerp = require('openerp');

var client = openerp.createClient({
  username: 'efbeka',
  password: 'foo',
  database: 'bar',
  host: '',
  port: '8069'

The options object contains three required properties:

  • username: The username
  • password: The password
  • database: The database name
  • host & port: The uri of the Openerp-server host.


Method calls are structured as resource and action.

client.resource.action("data", function (err, result) {
  if (err) {
    throw err;

  // use the result


The client's methods are reflective of OpenERP's RPC availaible calls.

The full list will be implemented and available here progressively.


All tests are written with vows and should be run with npm:

  $ npm test


Copyright (C) 2012 Berger Kennedy Fotso

Distributed under the MIT License, see the LICENCE file.

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