An Eclipse Orion server based on Node.js and connect.

npm install orion
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Orion (6.0)

A minimal, single-user deployment of Eclipse Orion. Orion provides an extensible IDE that runs in your browser. It's particularly good for writing Javascript.


  • Basic file management
  • Source code editing
  • Install plugins to customize your environment
  • Shell command for launching a node app (type help node in the Shell page to find out more)
  • Shell command for supporting npm
  • Client caching for static content
  • Gzip


For full instructions, see the Getting Started guide.

Running the server

  1. Run npm start orion or node [node_modules]/orion/server.js.
  2. Go to localhost:8081 to use Orion. (You can change the port by passing the -p option).

Using Orion within a larger app

Use require('orion') to get access to our startServer function, which is suitable for use within a larger connect project:

var orion = require('orion');
var connect = require('connect');
var myapp = connect()
    .use(orion({ workspaceDir: '.myworkspace' }))
/* .use( additional handlers ) */

Running the tests

We use Mocha for our tests. Run npm test or mocha.


Dual-licensed under the Eclipse Public License v1.0 and the Eclipse Distribution License v1.0.

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