distributed p2p off-the-record two-party chat

npm install otrtalk
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p2p off-the-record chat for nodejs

Install otrtalk with NPM

npm -g install otrtalk

Read the Tutorial to get started.

How it works

otrtalk is built the using TEO network stack

  • T|eleHash: a real-time and fully distributed p2p application/services discovery protocol.
  • E|Net: robust network communication layer on top of UDP.
  • O|TR: off-the-record messaging (encryption, authentication, deniability,forward secrecy)

Using the TeleHash protocol we locate a peer which is also actively trying to connect to us. TeleHash attempts to traverse NATs, opening a path to our peer. A reliable UDP connection is then established using the ENet protocol. An OTR conversation is then started to securely exchanged messages.

otrtalk currently only supports synchronous two-party messaging, (both parties must be online at the same time to exchange messages).

Privacy & Security

  • otrtalk does NOT anonymise your connection with the remote party in any way.
  • otrtalk uses the OTR protocol to offer encryption/authentication and forward secrecy.
  • messages are exchanged directly between the peers and are not relayed through any servers. (end to end encryption)


otrtalk has a builtin mechanism to traverse NATs without the use of STUN servers. No support is yet available for TURN servers which would be required if at least one user is behind a restrictive NAT (symmetric NAT)

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