param is a tiny module to read config parameters

npm install param
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A tiny module to read config parameters for your node application. It's avaiable through npm:

npm install param


Param exposes a single function that finds a config parameter

// example.js
var param = require('param');
var port = param('app.port');


The above example tells param to find the parameter app.port. It does so by first looking at the command line arguments

node example.js --app.port 8080 # prints 8080

If present param will simply return that value. Otherwise param will look for a configuration file specified by --config [filename] or your NODE_ENV env var. If NODE_ENV=development it will look for a config file called config/development.json or config/development.js. It will start looking for the config file in . If it doesn't exist it will try in .. until it reaches /.

    "app": {
        "port": 8888

Running the example again with the above file saved as config/development.json

node example.js # prints 8888

Happy configuring!



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