instant front end for your functions

npm install parametrical
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Parametric is an instant front-end for your app. You give it your parameters; it gives you a multi-touch enabled, cross device compatible front-end. An ugly one!

Use with browserify + brfs

npm install parametrical

How To Use

Say you have an audio function that has some parameters. In this example, the parameter is frequency:

var frequency = 440;
var synth = function(time){
    return Math.sin(time * Math.PI * 2 * frequency)

With Parametric, do the following:

var paramify = require('parametric')
var params = {
    frequency: {
        value: 440,
        interval: Math.pow(2, 1/12),
        min: 0,
        max: 440 * 2 * 2 * 2,

params = paramify(params)
var synth = function(time){
    return Math.sin(time * Math.PI * 2 * params.frequency)

Parametric will append a control panel to your document.body. That control panel will have a spinning dial. When you spin, frequency changes!

The spinning dial is the only interaction included in this release. Soon it will have sliders, XY panels, tap, ON/OFF, rotate, pinch-zoom and others.

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