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npm install
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  • requestAnimationFrame **
    • render() should call update()
  • emit render, and remove? dispose ~ definitely *
  • BindingCollection -> array
  • no decorators - should be a base class instead *
  • don't use sift in list
  • asynchronously bind paperclip blocks *
  • paperclip refs should be arrays, bind(prop) should accept arrays **
  • figure out how to speed up block bindings **
  • reduce number of text nodes created *
  • issue where too many sections are being created *

questionable optimizations

  • garbage collector


npm install


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node .

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npm cache clear; npm install; node .


Unit tests are stored in ./test. to run them, call:

npm test

If you want to check how much code has been tested, run:

npm test-cov

then open coverage/lcov-report/index.html.

If you want to run tests against saucelabs, run:

make test-all;
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