npm install parse-git
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A basic module for parsing git log files. The log file must be created with the following git command: git log --name-status > someFile.txt


var ParseGit = require('parse-git');
var fs = require('fs');

fs.readFile('someFile.txt', 'utf8', function(err, fd) {
    if(err) throw "Cannot load file";

    var commits = ParseGit.parseGit(fd), // parseGit returns an array of commits
        commit = commits[0];

    console.log(; // commit id

    console.log(;  // commit author name
    console.log(; // commit author email

    console.log(  // commit date (JS Date)
    console.log(commit.comment)         // commit comment

    console.log(commit.files[0].path) // the path of the first file modified
    console.log(commit.files[0].type) // the type of file modification A, M, or D


Use the tool from the command line by installing the package globally through npm: npm install -g parse-git

After installing globally, you can use the tool as follows: parse-git someLogOutput.txt

TODO: Allow piping text directly from git to parse-git: git log --name-status | parse-git

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