a simple, easy to be customized html5 UI tookit.

npm install pastry
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taste it for your html5 development. you can take one piece or any. and you can taste in nodejs's house, too.

the way to taste pastry


$ git clone

in browsers:


add this to your html file before your own codes:

<script type="text/javascript" src="path/to/pastry.[min.]js"></script>

then you can use the extended prototype functions or access variables or functions defined in the global variable PT or PASTRY


add this line into <head> tag in your html file.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="path/to/pastry.[min.]css" />

in nodejs:

first, install pastry using npm:

$ npm install pastry

then use pastry like this:

var PT = require('pastry');

if you don't want to eat the whole pastry

you can get pieces of it like this:

$ cd /path/to/pastry
$ ./bin/js/concat.js -f array,json -t /path/to/target-file.js -m

and then you will have a piece of pastry with array and json functions only! good for health, isn't it?

to know a little bit more about the DIY thing, just:

$ ./bin/js/concat.js -help

enjoy it!

the menu

for more info, checkout test files or documents or the source code


the way to help cooking


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