Named routes for Express.

npm install path-finder
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Simple named routes for Express.

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Deprecation Warning

The following methods will print deprecation messages when used as extending the express app variable is error prone and doesn't really provide a better interface, especially when calling routes from controllers ('login') is a lot more verbose than simply requiring path-finder).

app.addPath(pathname, path)


  1. Install via npm

     $ npm install path-finder
  2. Extend your Express app

     var express = require('express');
     var app = express();
     var pathFinder = require('path-finder');
  3. Profit

     // Standard Express routing does not change
     app.get('/users', function(){...})
     // Passing in a name stores the path
     app.get('/home', 'home', function(){...})'/user/:id', 'user', function(){...});
     // Paths can be accessed via
     pathFinder.path('home');           //-> '/home'
     pathFinder.path('user', {id: 10}); //-> '/user/10'
     // Passing in additional options adds them to the query string
     pathFinder.path('home', {p: 1});   //-> '/home?p=1'
     // Ad-hoc paths can also be defined
     pathFinder.addPath('promotions', '/promotions');
     pathFinder.path('promotions');     //-> '/promotions'

    A p method is also made available to views

       | View our promotions


Clone the repo

$ git clone

Install dependencies

$ npm install

Run the tests

$ npm test
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